CHATTI AGRO is an exporter of various food products. The experience of the leaderships and the network of direct contacts established in the different continents allow customers to benefit from competitive advantages.
Our presence is the result of Years of experience by ensuring services and satisfaction of our partners.

CHATTI AGRO: CHATTI AGRO is an exporter of various food products,

CHATTI AGRO inspect during production and loading the goods onto containers and will maintain the logistics of shipping, airfreight for perishable products and road transport to the agreed destination.

CHATTI AGRO: is located in the area of Ben Arous a suburb south of Tunis and near transport services.
We do not claim to be expert in all areas, our selection of products is complies with privileged contacts of our business in order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers.

However, the territories to which we are most present are: Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain) and Maghreb (Libya).
We are inviting you to visualize the products that we are able to offer you and surely more.